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what is private limited company

rivate Limited Company are registered form of business and it’s popular and in trend now. To start the Private limited company there are Minimum of 2 members and Directors are required. The members can invest in capital from a minimum of Rs. 1 per person and has no limit on the maximum capital which can be Contributed by the members of the Company. The day to day activities are taken care by the Directors of the Company and the major decision are to be taken by the Members or Shareholders of the Company. Starting a private limited companies have various advantages and if you are looking to start a new business venture or to expand the existing business then registration of Private limited Company by should be the best option. The start-upIndiainitiative also recommend the Company from of structure and have added tax advantage compared to Partnership Companies. It is easy to fetch investments in share of a Private limited company then compare dto any other unregistered organisations. The shares in the company help investors to get in the company easily and also quit at their convenience.

Benefits of Private Limited Company

Know more about how Private Limited
Company Registration Works

  • Eradication of multiple taxes
  • Elimination of double charging
  • Ease of business
  • Elimination of cascading effect
  • Easy compliance
  • Increased Revenue
  • Increase GDP(Gross Domestic Product)
  • More Employment opportunities


Know more about how Private Limited
Company Registration Works

1Selecting the desizered package

2Make Payment

3Subbmit the required details and documents

4 Share OTPs

5Submit the application

6Certificate generated

documents required

Know more about how Private Limited
Company Registration Works

PROPRIETORSHIP - PAN Card, Aadhaar card, and a photograph of the sole proprietor Details of Bank account-Bank statement or c

LIMITED LIABILITYPARTNERSHIP(LLP)/PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT-PAN card, Aadhaar card, Photograph of all the partners Details of Ba

PRIVATE LIMITED/PUBLIC LIMITED/ONE PERSON COMPANY- Companys PAN card Certificate of Registration MOA (Memorandum of Asso

HUF- A copy of PAN card of HUF Aadhar card of Karta Photograph Proof of Address of Principal place of business and addi

SOCIETY/TRUST/CLUB- Pan Card of society/Club/Trust Certificate of Registration PAN Card and Photo of Promotor/ Partners


Know more about how Private Limited
Company Registration Works

GST Registration is not mandatory for persons who:

         Supply agricultural produce from cultivation.

         Make only exempt supplies (Nil Rated or Non-Taxable supplies) of goods or services.

         Make supplies which are entirely covered under reverse charge.


Aggregate Turnover is the total value of: Taxable supplies including exports and inter-state supplies (excluding inward supplies on which tax is payable on reverse charge basis). Exempt supplies
A Casual taxable person is one who has a registered business in some State in India, but wants to effect supplies from some other State in which he is not having any fixed place of business. Such person needs to register in the State from where he seeks to supply as a Casual taxable person.
Composition scheme is introduced for small tax payers to reduce the compliance burden on them. File summarized returns on a quarterly basis instead of multiple monthly returns. Pay tax only to a maximum of 2% for manufacturers, 5% for restaurant service sector and 1% for other suppliers. Cannot collect any tax from or issue tax invoice to customers. Cannot avail input tax credit
The event of supply of Goods and/or Services i.e. transactions such as the sale, transfer, barter, exchange, license, rental, lease or disposal made, or agreed to be made for a consideration of taxable goods or services, is to be considered a taxable event under the GST Act
Payment for the tax or for any penalty, fees, etc. shall be made via any of these payment modes: Internet Banking NEFT or RTGS This amount shall be credited to the electronic cash ledger of the registered dealer.
No Government Fee is charged for Online Registration of GST
ARN stands for Application Reference Number. It is the conclusive proof of successful submission of the application to the GST servers. It is generated after the TRN (Temporary Reference Number) & uploading of requisite documents. can integrate the GST Registration in 7 days. The time taken also depends on the relevant documents provided by the applicant and the speed of approvals from the government. To ensure a speedy registration, ensure that you have all the required documents prior to the starting of the registration process.


Know more about how Private Limited
Company Registration Works

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INR 1299 Only

Application for GSTIN for Sole Proprietor


INR 1499 Only

Application for GSTIN for Partnership


INR 1799 Only

Application for GSTIN for Partnership